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Some┬áKung Fu Kickin’ Feedback

Testimonial 1

Amazing quality service, great time response. The skofnung V2 was truly amazing for a much cheaper price than other lightsabers in the market. The electronic inside is unrivaled and really well soldered, but I was primarily flabbergasted by the balance the lightsaber has. It is very light, very bright, very easy to handle and resistant.

Thomas Frers

Fantastic value on these sabers! You can’t beat these for anywhere close to their price. I got the Ulfbehrt string blades for my son. They are bright, durable, and have a cool scrolling feature when powering up, which mimics the movie effect.

Eddie V Huk

Excellent customer service, Thank you

Sam Spada

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We love what we do and we love sharing our enthusiasm for cosplay, props and all things heroic. Give us a call.


We will always do our very best to get our work out promptly and on time. With adequate notice we can meet most deadlines.


We make cosplay props, so do we *really* need to convince you of how geeky we are? We love all the things that you do.


One thing that Part Time Hero Props lives on is the great feedback and positive vibes we help bring to people. Check our testimonials!


We’ve been making cosplay clothing and props for as long as we can remember and we LOVE IT! We hope you love our work, too.